Starr Farm

          Est. 1903

Phone:  (440) 635-4371

Address:  14030 Mayfield Road

                  Huntsburg, Ohio  44046


         Christmas Tree Hours 

OPEN:  Day after Thanksgiving - Christmas Eve

Tuesday - Friday  1pm-7pm

Saturday & Sunday  10am-5pm

All our Christmas Trees are grown on this farm.  We cut our trees fresh from Thanksgiving to Christmas during the season.

Christmas Trees                  

We grow and sell fresh cut:

White Pine

Scotch Pine

Austrian Pine

Canaan Fir

Balsam Fir

Blue Spruce

Norway Spruce

Serbian Spruce

White Spruce

       Tree Tagging

Come visit our farm in the fall to tag a Christmas tree.  We will give you a ribbon to tie on your selected tree. Let us know the patch your tree is in and the date you would like to pick it up.  We will cut it for you fresh.  Please give us a call for more information.

STARR FARM (440) 635-4371

Wreaths & Roping

    Our pine, spruce and fir wreaths are all made on our farm with our greens.  We have easels, wires and bows for any wreaths that require them.  Greens may be purchased individually.

    The White Pine roping is made from our fresh cut greens.  It can be made any length and smells wonderful.  A few days notice is necessary on larger orders and lengths.